From the Gallery

If you browse through our gallery and find something you love, you can personalise the design for your wedding invitations and stationery. To request a quote, simply fill in the order form and tell us what changes you’d like to make to the design (such as changing the colour or font) and provide a list of any other stationery you may need. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us for a chat. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll provide a quote and send you some samples so you can see how your stationery will look and feel in real life.

Custom Designed Wedding Invitations

Custom Designs

If you’d like us to create a wedding invitation just for you, get in touch to arrange a design consultation either by phone or in our studio. During your consultation, we’ll spend time getting to know you and your wedding, so we can create a personalised suite of stationery that’s completely unique. Once we understand what you’re looking for in your stationery, we’ll provide a quote with a range of options to choose from. Custom designs are our specialty and we always get excited when a couple chooses to get creative and design something special!


From the Gallery

Once you’ve accepted the quote, we’ll get started on the design of your stationery. The first step is designing the digital component of the invitation. We’ll email it to you once it’s done, so you can make sure it’s absolutely perfect. You’ll need to check things like layout, colour, design and spelling. Hearing how much you love it is one of our favourite parts of the job!

Custom Designs

Once you’ve accepted our quote for a personalised suite of stationery, the creative process begins. We start by designing your wedding invitations, then move on to any other stationery you may need. We include up to three revisions with each design, so you can make tweaks along the way and ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a really fun process and all part of bringing your wedding vision to life.

When the design is complete, we’ll send you a digital proof so you can check things like layout, colour, design and spelling. Please note that we can’t always send a hard copy sample of custom invitations, especially if they include special finishes. Many of these finishes can only be produced in large batches and setting them up for production is very costly for one-off samples. But rest assured that our digital proofs are high quality and give you an excellent understanding of how your invitations and stationery will look in real life.

Modern Wedding Inviations


All Designs

As soon as you approve the designs for your gallery or custom invitations and stationery, we get to work on completing your order. The turnaround time from approval to delivery will depend on the complexity of your design. Simple invitations that are digitally-printed can be delivered in 7-14 days, while handcrafted invitations can take up to six weeks.

 Once your invitations are ready, they are glam packed and sent directly to you. We only wish we could see the look of joy on your face when you open your package! Thank you for trusting us to create your wedding stationery and play such an important role in your special day. Don’t forget to send us photos of your wedding—we love seeing our clients tie the knot and our beautiful designs reflected in your wedding style!

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